Buyers Only LLC

Whether you are a BUYER looking for a home or a SELLER looking for a BUYER for your home, Buyers Only LLC can help!

Buying or selling a home should be an exciting adventure not a stressful one. At Buyers Only LLC, we strive for a relaxing environment in which we protect our clients from any of the “pitfalls” that others may experience.

You see, at Buyers Only LLC was founded and is run by attorneys who understands what goes into buying a home on the real state side and on the legal side. Too many clients had been running into issues with legalities on offers, purchase and sales agreements, and closing errors. It made sense to start a real estate firm which could protect buyers and sellers from the start!

Our goal is not to pressure you or force you to settle on a decision you are not happy with. It is to help you sell your home or buy your dream house. Our expert analysis and understanding of this ever-changing housing market will allow you to get the most money for your house or negotiate the best price for your house purchase.


As mentioned above, using Buyers Only as your buyer's agent is at a no cost to you. It is a FREE SERVICE! You see, when a Seller hires a real estate company to sell their home they agree to pay that real estate company a commission once the house is sold. The commission is paid whether or not a buyer’s agent is used and most people trust that the listing agent is working in the buyer’s best interest. THIS IS FALSE!!! The listing agent has a fiduciary duty to work on behalf of seller. The only one who will protect the buyer is a buyer’s agent.

You may then ask then why should you use Buyers Only LLC instead of any other buyers' agents. The answer is simple. Realtors know real estate lawyers know law, very few truly know both! At Buyers Only LLC we have integrated both law and real estate to ensure are clients are the most informed and well protected buyers!


Selling your house and moving can be a daunting and stressful task. We at Buyers Only LLC strive to make that process more streamlined and less stressful.

Why are we better? First, we will NOT lock you into a long term sales agreement- if you are not happy with us (and we know you will be!!) you can leave! Also, because of our low overhead and lack of fees and dues that “the big” real estate companies are forced to pay, we can almost always save you money on the compensation rates!!

So the only question is…. Why wouldn’t I work with Buyers Only LLC?
- and the answer is….YOU SHOULD!!!